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Italy in Mind  “A feast of fine literature set in glorious surroundings.” Amazon Travel Editor’s Recommended Books.

To read an interview about books set in Italy published by Reuters click here.


Ireland in Mind  “A really striking and unusual collection of authors.” Kirkus

France in MindA real treasure — beyond all stereotypes — for those who love being here.” International Herald Tribune.

“A treat for armchair travelers and bookish Francophiles.” Kirkus  Click here to read review.

“It is the unexpected selections that make France in Mind come alive — writings from James Fenimore Cooper, Mary McCarthy and David Sedaris.” Bookreporter Click here to read review

Tuscany in Mind “Required Reading” The New York Post Click here to read review.

Spain in Mind “The perfect read for the traveler” National Geographic Traveler included in the “Ultimate Travel Library” Click here to read review.

Spain in Mind is a wonderful mixture of material, covering three centuries, from very different writers moving to or visiting Spain for many different reasons. We see Spain through their eyes, and live Spain through their hearts.” Click here to read review.

The Brooklyn Reader “There’s plenty of gems, but one of the best is Capote’s evocation of the Heights and those first sentences, ‘I live in Brooklyn. By choice.'” New York Magazine Click here to read review.

“Testaments to the mythic place Brooklyn was, and in many ways, continues to be.” The Daily News